Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Week of Regular Season Games - Eat Pizza!

1:00 GAMES!
Buccaneers  at Falcons 
Jets  at Bills 
Ravens  at Bengals 
Browns  at Steelers 
Bears  at Lions 
Jaguars  at Titans 
Eagles  at Giants 
Panthers  at Saints 
Texans  at Colts 
4:00 GAMES!
Packers  at Vikings 
Rams  at Seahawks 
Dolphins  at Patriots 
Chiefs  at Broncos 
Raiders  at Chargers 
Cardinals  at 49ers 


Cowboys  at Redskins 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Every Penny Counts - Thursday 5 at 5!

Thursday 5 at 5 
5 cents off per gallon of gasoline
at these five Burchmart locations:

Charlotte Hall
Prince Frederick
Korner Karryout

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 16 Big Games & Football Frenzy!

Football Frenzy at Burchmart
Three large cheese pizza for $15!
(additional toppings extra)
1:00 Games & PIZZA!

Raiders  at Panthers 


Bills  at Dolphins 

Bengals  at Steelers 

Patriots  at Jaguars 

Colts  at Chiefs 

Saints  at Cowboys 

Redskins  at Eagles 

Rams  at Buccaneers 


Chargers  at Jets 

Titans  at Packers 

Vikings  at Texans 


4:00 Games & PIZZA! 

Browns  at Broncos 

Bears  at Cardinals 

Giants  at Ravens 


49ers  at Seahawks