Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Impressive Ranking to World Tournament!

ESPN Wide World of Sports!

In mid-September, the Burch Propane Men's Slow-Pitch Softball Team headed down to Orlando, Florida to compete in the World Tournament, after impressively earning the No. 29 spot in the rankings, among 5,000 teams. That IS a big deal!

Heading south, the Burch Propane team was among an elite group of 172 teams, scheduled to play in Class D. "The highlight of the trip," stated Coach Paul Rollins, "is having the opportunity to play against teams from all over the country." Game one was a great victory, as they beat out RJR Products of California with a final score of 8 - 4. But the second game against JJ's Sports Bar of Massachusetts ended with a loss with the final score of 7 -5. The third and final game was a loss of 8 - 4 to Rogue of Florida.

Although many members of the Burch Propane team have made the tournament trip for the past eight years, this was their first year with Burch Propane as their sponsor. Realizing that sponsors are very hard to come by, Coach Rollins is extremely grateful. "Burch Propane has been a great sponsor!" he exclaimed. "Most sponsors give you a check and tell you 'good luck'. Sheri (Burch Norris) wants more, she actually cares about us as players and wants to know how the team is playing. Since we won more than we lost, I didn't have much explaining to do this season. I could not ask for a better sponsor!!!"

A standing ovation for the
Burch Propane Men's Slow Pitch Softball Team!
Thank you for a GREAT season!
Paul Rollins
Jackie Norris
Melvin Dean

Joey Jimney
Kurt Bruce
Mark McLeod
Gary Norris
Shawn Ridgeway
Robby Buckler
Mike Collins
Drew Woodburn
Jamie Bogie
Bobby Buckler
Eric Bogie
Paul Burch
Ronnie Farrell
JoJo Goldsmith
Ray Copsey
Joe Queen

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