Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Five Great Reasons to GO TANKLESS


Water. Hot Water. 
It is part of your every day experience.
Your turn on the faucet or set the dial and expect ... 
... to take the energizing rain shower with full jets
... to sink into a deep, luxurious bath
... to conquer a mountain of laundry,
... to wash pots and pans after dinner,
... to bring the clean sparkle back to your home.

But your plan is thwarted halfway through,
as the hot water runs cold!

And let's talk money. Your current water heating bill leaves you cold. Every month you see it, you can't believe it, but you write the check to keep the water flowing.

And when you bought your home, you were so enthralled with all of the visual features that you ignored the age of the water heater. How many people are really aware of the life span of a hot water heater? You adapt to not doing laundry or having people shower or bathe within a certain time period of one another. But then the water takes on a stale, rusty, unclean quality. That is something you cannot ignore.

And maybe you need more liveable space in your home and the big, looming, old-school hot water heater needs to go.

Stop by the Burch Propane Showroom to learn more about the advantages of having a tankless hot water heater system for your home or business. Our team will gladly discuss the options for your specific needs - it's worth your time and investment to keep your water running hot, clean, and more affordable.

Continuous Hot Water
water on demand
Energy Savings
save up to 40% on your current water heating bill
Longer Lasting
double the life span of traditional water heaters
Clean & Fresh Water
no more using water that has been stored in a possibly rusty tank
Space Savings
small box which can be wall mounted inside or outside

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