Sunday, February 3, 2013

SUPER BOWL - The Ultimate Football Frenzy!

This is it - the BIG GAME in the Big Easy - GO Ravens! The Harbaugh brothers have coached their way to New Orleans and the mega talents of the AFC and NFC will battle it out for the ring.

For those of us who will be watching the big game here in Southern Maryland, we have something else to look forward to ... the final day of Burchmart's FOOTBALL FRENZY!

Throughout the NFL Football season, we have offered an incredible deal on our delicious pizza. Three large cheese pizzas for $15 (additional toppings extra).

Since this is the busiest pizza day of the entire year, please call in your order early. We want to have your pizzas just coming out of the oven when you arrive to pick them up.

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Monday Madness!
One large cheese pizza for $7.99
Thursday 5 at 5!
5 cents off on every gallon of gasoline at 5 Burchmart locations!

Valentine's Day and Beyond!
A romantic gift that will last a lifetime
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