Saturday, March 9, 2013

Grilling, Steaming, and No More Dreaming!

Over the last few years more and more outdoor appliances are propane powered and gas grills and cookers are larger in size and much more powerful. You can use tank after tank of propane OR have a gas box installed. Just think, no more tanks to refill with great frequency AND no more lugging around those heavy tanks on your own!

The Burch Propane sales team will gladly speak with you about installation of a gas box, which is the size of a regular electrical outlet box and works pretty much the same way. The gas box has a drop down cover for the gas line so nothing can crawl in and nest. It also has a on/off switch so you can turn off the flow of gas in a location away from the gas appliance, as an added safety precaution.

Stop by the Burch Propane showroom at 24660 Three Notch Road in Hollywood, MD to speak with our sales team and to check out the latest and greatest gas grills and cookers.

This is the year to upgrade your outdoor space

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