Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Offering the Best of Both Worlds


People often wonder what prompted the Burch family to expand the family business to include Burch Propane three years ago. "Propane was something we had been considering for quite some time, but didn't want to make any sudden moves until we had researched it thoroughly and weighed our options," stated Burch. "We saw the advantages of propane and decided to offer this alternative heating source to the Southern Maryland community."

Burch Oil has many die hard oil heat customers throughout Southern Maryland, who continue to claim that there is no better way to beat the cold than with the warm-you-to-your-bones heating source of oil. Burch Propane clients take the position that they not only value the warmth of propane as a primary or secondary heating source, but also appreciate that it's better for the environment. Then there are Burch Oil/Burch Propane customers who believe in the value of using both oil and propane heating sources in their homes - oil heat as the primary, with a propane fireplace as the secondary and for use in their appliances.

Historically, oil has cost less than propane for heat, but high crude oil prices and low natural gas prices continue to improve the dollar-to-dollar comparison. Last winter, the Portland Press Herald reported that the cost of burning oil and propane was virtually the same.

"So you see, whether someone is a Burch Oil customer, a Burch Propane customer, or both, we are committed to supplying the best products at the best possible prices," said Sheri Burch Norris, Burch Oil Marketing Director. "For us, it has been and continues to be about keeping up with the latest technologies and providing the highest level of service to our neighbors throughout the tri-county area."

To learn more about the advantages of both oil and propane heating, please contact 301-373-2131 or 800-479-4120, stop by the Burch Oil office or Burch Propane showroom at 24660 Three Notch Road in Hollywood, or visit the Burch Oil website:www.burchoil.com.

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