Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greater Comfort ~ Less Energy!

It has been a long, snowy, icy, cold winter, but it looks like spring is finally here - really! At long last, we are able to open our windows and enjoy the fresh air. Not to be negative, but before too much longer you will be closing up the windows again to keep out the pollen. And then comes the settling in of the heat and humidity of a typical Southern Maryland summer.
Don't wait until you are sweating it out! If you have considered upgrading your air conditioning system, then this is the time to call us! One of our home comfort equipment consultants will come to your home, evaluate your cooling needs, and have an estimate ready for you within 48 hours.
Did you know? Today’s cooling systems are far more efficient than those manufactured as recently as 15 years ago. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a new high-efficiency system can reduce annual cooling costs by as much as 40% if it’s replacing a system that’s 10 years old or more. Plus, you’ll virtually eliminate air conditioning repairs. Plus, today’s air conditioning equipment is environmentally friendly because it uses a refrigerant that doesn’t harm the earth’s ozone layer.
Burch Oil is proud to feature Carrier, Armstrong, and American Standard central AC systems. Our highly-trained team of air conditioning technicians has installed hundreds of systems by these manufacturers and many others.
If you are ready for greater comfort and less energy use, please contact one of our cooling equipment specialists today and get a FREE estimate.

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